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The United Nations International Labour Organization established the “Auto Technical Training Course” – the predecessor of the Northern Region Vehicle Training Center (NVTC), under the Directorate General of Highways of the Ministry of Transportation and Communications. The center handles the training of drivers and repair technicians in Taiwan and the Far East.
By order of the central authorities concerned, the NVTC was realigned under the Highway Bureau, and adapted a new name “Auto Technician Training Center of the Highway Bureau” and increased the training responsibilities of its staff.


By order of the central authorities concerned, NVTC set up auto technical training centers in central and southern Taiwan; thus providing the Highway Bureau with auto training facilities in north, central and south Taiwan. Thereafter, NVTC continued to provide training courses to the persons and workers requiring transportation related skills.


In response to the government’s restructuring move, the Highway Bureau was realigned under the Ministry of Transportation and Communications. Thereafter, NVTC ameliorated training functions and operations, and engaged in the training of professional transportation human resource. Its training courses were geared to foster traffic safety education and training.

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