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Training FaciltiesTitle
The training area:
(1) Headquarters: area – 16,632 square meters
(2) Jin-Cheng Road training ground: area – 25,212 square meters
(3) Zhong-Shan Road training ground: area – 13,100 square meters
Combined area of the three centers: 54,944 square meters

(1) Small vehicles: 44 units
(2) Trucks: 5 units
(3) Passenger buses: 12units
(4) Trailers: 4 units

Auto workshop equipment:
Gasoline engines
Chassis shop
Diesel engine shop Electrical shop
Teaching platform for gasoline jet engines 20 Small vehicle practical training 12 Diesel engine training platform 15 Small vehicle practicum 8
Gasoline engines for general test use
Trucks chassis
Jet pump test equipment 4 Jet engine teaching platform 2
Engine oscilloscope 5 Wheel changer 1 Oil nozzle tester 1 Car circuitry device for teaching 5
Exhaust gas analyzer
Wheel balancer
Auto microcomputer perception control system 2 Refrigerant recycling machine 1
Fuel atomizer system demo and teaching board 4 Computerized four-wheel positioning device 1 Air filtration system tester 1 Dynamo tester 2
Gasoline jet engine dissector
ABS system test and teaching board
Auto air-conditioning system demo unit 1 Wiper system test and teaching board 4
Rapid charger 1 Automatic gearbox oil changer 1 Hot water parts cleaning device 1 Multifunction engine testing device 1
Electronic tachometer
Front-wheel transmission module
Oil press 1 Auto circuit system demo and testing boar. 4

(1) Regular classrooms: 10 rooms, estimated capacity of 800 persons
(2) Practicum training classrooms: divided into the chassis, engine, diesel and electrical system training grounds; estimated capacity of 200 persons.

Information equipment:

Computer classroom: 1 room equipped with a multimedia teaching system and 32 computer units.

Electrical audiovisual aids:

Every classroom is equipped with the following teaching aids: an overhead projector, silver screen, TV set, amplifier and wireless microphones.

Restaurant: one restaurant capable of seating 200 persons
Dormitory: five dormitories (Dorm I, II, III, IV and V) equipped to accommodate around 200 persons
Reading room:one room; seat capacity of 30 persons
Recreation room:one


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